Learning for Systems Change 

Develop your ideas and skills for systems thinking and systems change practice in our workshops and courses. Learn from experienced change-makers, and connect with others who are participating in a movement for systems change.     

Full details of our learning programs is available on the Collaboration for Impact website.

About our learning programs

These learning programs are created and managed by Collaboration for Impact. Over time, we'll be working with partners and collaborators to ensure a range of skills and perspectives are offered.

Why are we creating learning experiences for systems change?

Through our learning programs, we are helping to create a future where our society is able to solve complex challenges, seize opportunities and thrive, with communities at the centre of the decisions that affect them. Our programs are intended to:

  • Increase the capacity of changemakers everywhere to think and act systemically;
  • Build the collaborative capacity required to address Australia’s unreconciled history of colonisation;
  • Build a powerful movement of people able to change systems and drive large-scale impact.

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